A nesting of examples of themes n projects that I have been working on during various days out , camping trips & overseas flights of fancy. Enjoy ; D

Just got some photos back from a camera I found in a cupboard - details/spec below - a collection from Beatherder Festival July 2014 & my Dads garden this summer. 

Nice to be back doing creative stuff & that I can now get back into my Tumlr account..last up-date messed it all up & I was locked out for a while :C

The Advanced Photo System (or APS) was introduced in 1996 as an alternative to or even as modern replacement for the 110 format. 

The “IX240” film cartridges are optimized for fully automatic film load, enclosing the 24mm wide film completely when not in use. The film is even put back into its cartridge and returned to the user after it has been developed. Most cameras support 3 exposure formats:

C for “classic” (25.1 x 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 3:2; 4x6” print or 10x15 cm print)

H for “HDTV” (30.2 x 16.7 mm; aspect ratio 16:9; 4x7” print or 10x18 cm print)

P for “panoramic” (30.2 x 9.5 mm; aspect ratio 3:1; 4x12” print or 10x24 cm print)

The C and P formats are formed by cropping, each format can be selected via the camera (with the exception of some disposable cameras) at any time for use with the format. The H format is the original format. 

Every single image on the developed film has this format, the print format is just information written by the camera onto magnetic storage on the film - which is used by the printing equipment to crop the picture appropriately. The magnetic data storage on the film is made possible by a transparent magnetic coating of the film’s back. Data for certain purposes is stored there on several tracks. This offers a unique set of advantages.


»abc« by damien hirst



Happy New Year to all our awesome followers!!!Here’s to a super 2014
—Follow KnativeWebsite | Twitter | Tumblr(image by matt jones)

Welcome …2014 …. May you be a bountiful one!


Happy New Year to all our awesome followers!!!
Here’s to a super 2014

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Website | Twitter | Tumblr
(image by matt jones)

Welcome …2014 …. May you be a bountiful one!

UBs Creative Nest turned 1 today!
More creative posts with #photography #lomography #crafts #new ventures, to follow this week.
Happy New Year everyone…have a fun n safe evening!

UBs Creative Nest turned 1 today!
More creative posts with #photography #lomography #crafts #new ventures, to follow this week.
Happy New Year everyone…have a fun n safe evening!

Last post for today - finally built the Lomography #Konstruktor camera. Only had it 3 months…ooops..must have been busy?

Another 35mm analogue camera to add to the collection. This is a better, sturdier version of the previous kit that I bought #retro twin lenses reflex camera. It has all the characteristics of the Lomo cameras, BOLD feature for long exposures, tripod mount and probably has some flexibility to swap with compatible lenses.

Really easy to build, couple of hrs max. [just like it said on the tin/box]. Good quality plastic, not that hard brittle stuff like the other one I built [only £10 tho’]. This one was £25 ‘ish inc. delivery, but then I had earnt some “piggy points” @ the Lomography on-line shop. It also came with a roll of 35mm colour film 400ISO….plus loys of decal stickers to personalise it. I also added some of my own touches…been waiting for an excuse to use the Dymo label maker, plus some random circular stickers. 

Hope I haven’t over-done-it? Can’t wait now till next weekend to try it out, hope the weather includes some sunshine??!

Just a small video clip - “Attack of the Seagulls” on the Northumberland coast - they can smell fish & chips from 1,000 yards…shut that window quick man!

Had a great time @ #Bead Hive in Leeds @ the #Corn Exchange.

This is Pt.1 of 2 workshops to have a go @ metal stamping on silver, copper & brass blank plaques. Hopefully this will work well with my jewellery ideas for Christmas presents & maybe even a wedding event?!

This is using the metal stamps provided called “Bridgette”, quite small & all CAPS..next time I want to try “newsprint” in lower-case. Some of the “script” type-faces were small & hard to read, also hard to stamp. Shapes were a good addition, such as stars, flowers etc. More will be available at the next workshop.

Great therapy with all that bashing & hammering…quite pleasing results in 2hrs really!” 

Some photos taken yesterday @ Kirkstall Abbey…ideas for Christmas cards, maybe even pick 12/13 shots for a calendar?

Taken with HTC One S phone camera, with an APP for features & photo effects. So simple & great with sync into DropBox…makes life so much easier for uploading & sharing, then editing.

Sample shots using #lomography #la sardina camera. This camera was mostly built with some freedom for personalising it with decals. Gives quite a wide angle view, come with filters for the big Flash, which also operates like a “hot-shoe”, separate battery supply. Lots of features for experimenting with. love the colour filters for the flash…good with foreground features.

A collection of LOMO style photos using the Lomography Fisheye lens camera - some B&W - some Colour. BOLD exposure for nigh-time shots to capture the movement of light from car headlights  [this one was in Valencia with a blue filter over the Flash] - Some #double exposure shots.

Crazy results, love this camera best so far of my ever growing collection of analogue cameras. Still like doing digital, in fact most shots are duplicated using the camera in my HTC phone. Perfect for referencing light etc and just for comparison to original composition.